Many important Conferences were held in the time period between World War I and II. The actions of countries and leaders during the conferences were substantial in the ongoing rise of power in Germany.

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The world currencies. The London Economic Conference dealt with these directly.

The London Economic Conference in 1933 was the first major conference in dealing with World War II. The main purpose of the conference was to deal with the ongoing worldwide depression. The idea was that by deflating the prices that it would stir up more trade. U.S President Roosevelt left the conferences since he needed to inflate the prices of his country not deflate it. Without Roosevelt the conference made no plan, and thus no way to escape the depression. This caused nationalism in the poorer countries like German and Italy which paved the way for Hitler and Mussolini to become world leaders.

In 1933 The 7th Pan-American Conference was held in Montevideo, Uruguay. Americans had been sending aid and troops to Latin American countries constantly and President Roosevelt decided to instead establish a “good neighbor” policy. Instead of sending aid and troops America would use diplomacy within the region.

During the time since the London Economic Conference Hitler had been growing in power. He was now the Chancellor of Germany. Germany now demanded that the Sudetenland of the Czech Republic be given to Germany because of its substantial German population. The Munich Conference was held in 1938; Hitler met with the Prime Minister of Britain and Premier of France. They agreed that Germany could have the land. The Czech wasn’t represented in the conference.

The Havana Conference of 1940 was held to discuss the protection of peace in the western hemisphere. The idea was the Germany might try to invade the Latin American colonies that were owned by France, Britain and Spain. It was agreed upon that each country was to protect the other in such an event that Germany tried to take over there colonies.

Because of the failure of the London Economic Conference Hitler was able to come to power by blaming the depression on certain ethnicities and political views. The Sudetenland given to Germany by France and Britain was meant to keep peace between countries although it only gave Hitler more troops. The Havana conference was held after the realization that Hitler’s Germany planned to take over all of the globe. The actions taken and the failures of certain conferences help speed up Hitler’s rise to power and domination over western Hemisphere.

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