World War II

World War Two began officially in 1939, however its roots go back all the way to the end of World War One. World War One ended with the Treaty of Versailles which limited Germany in the areas of military, colonies, wealth, and pride. Germany took a very hard hit from this treaty.

Because Germany was required to pay for World War One, and because they had lost land in which their economy was based, Germany suffered a depression. Major inflation occurred in Germany as well. The depression was not limited to Germany, but it also hit Italy. With these two countries having economic problems, the depression spread throughout Europe, and fear spread that some countries would turn to communism for a solution.

With this came the rise of two renown dictators. Mussolini was the first, a member of the Fascist party that took control of Italy by marching on Rome. Mussolini believed that Italy could get out of the depression without resorting to communism. His philosophies then influenced Adolf Hitler in Germany. Hitler became a member of the Nazi party, and he too promised the rise of Germany. His goal was to bring Germany out of the depression without communism, rule Germany, and bring Germany to its former glory before World War One. Eventually, his dream expanded past that.

World War Two was mostly caused by fear. Hitler was voted into power in the 1933, and he decided that the Treaty of Versailles shouldn't be in effect anymore. Therefore, he began rebuilding the military and stopping the payments. He also began to send military to lands that Germany wasn't allowed to occupy (the Rhineland for instance). Over time, Hitler annexed Austria and Czechoslovakia.

Germany, 1939
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Germany took much land after Hitler came to power.

These actions utterly defied the Treaty of Versailles, and as it happens the surrounding European countries weren't happy with Hitler's ideas. However, World War One had been extremely devastating, and France and Britain were overly fearful of a war starting up again. The fear was that if they had rejected Hitler's requests for land and power, a war would break out with the now restored Germany. Therefore, France and Britain would yield until it was too late. In 1939, Germany invaded Poland marking the beginning of World War Two. The war was caused primarily by fear.

The United States again stayed neutral for much of the war and joined two years into it. The United States increasingly became involved in the war despite having a policy of neutrality. As Germany began defeating the Allies (collectively Britain and France, and eventually Russia), the US began aiding Britain. Japan was at the same time at war with China through its own military conquest. The United States aided China as well, and when the US froze Japanese assets, the Japanese counterattacked by means of Pearl Harbor.

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